The Healthy Techniques™ Difference...
Our Various Products All Have Something Special About Them:

  • Products that are Clinically Tested & Proven to do What They Say They Can.
  • Products that Have Been FDA Cleared
  • Products that Contain Patented and Clinically Tested Ingredients   
  • Products that Produce Real Results Immediately & Long Term. 
  • Customers Re-Order Healthy Techniques™ Products and Keep Using Them for a Reason...They Work.
  • Unique Products that Stand Out
  • Awesome Customer Service and Knowledgeable Product Specialists
  • Every single day we receive awesome testimonials from real customers that have experienced the benefits our products deliver. 

Results Driven Products:
Healthy Techniques™ products produce results... 

Our patented ‘Flex Range’ of medical grade electronic muscle stimulation devices for toning and strengthening various body parts is the leader in its field.  This entire range has been FDA cleared.

Our various supplements only use the best ingredients and most of our products contain patented and clinically proven ingredients…so you count on them.  Our products are not cheap and we don’t try to compete with generic prices because the truth is: You Pay for What Your Get.  Our products are high-end and our customers receive the value they pay for.  However we back every purchase by an extremely generous money-back guarantee because we stand behind our products.  

See below for a list of the fine products we is to your health and happiness...


Beenigma - Premium All-In-One Bee Venom Face Cream
We are so pleased to bring this formula to you and have found that Beenigma is the premium choice among Bee Venom face creams in the entire world. New Zealand, where the premium Beenigma face cream is manufactured - is located in the South Pacific at the bottom of the world. There are very few places on earth offering such unspoiled wilderness and purity in flora and fauna. It is this purity and beauty that inspires the very core of the Beenigma cream.The Beenigma story is a new story with old origins. It began in Auckland, New Zealand where the Beenigma team undertook research into Apitherapy and specifically the use of Bee Venom as a means to fight the signs of aging. It has been discovered that topically applied Bee Venom directly nurtures cell regeneration, assists in collagen formation and even helps in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The more the Beenigma team learned, the more they were amazed by Bee Venom and its incredible rejuvenating effects.


Membrane Integrity Factor -- Drastically Slow the Aging Process
Aging used to be thought of as an inevitable process. Now doctors and scientists alike think of aging as something that can be slowed down and sometimes reversed. Membrane Integrity Factor™ is the only anti-aging product in the entire world that combines 2-AEP and HGHR. These two revolutionary ingredients have been individually revered as the best anti-aging substances available in the world. Membrane Integrity Factor™ brings them together for the ultimate anti-aging product...100% money back guaranteed!

Increase the quality and duration of your life IMMEDIATELY:

  • Regenerate your skin, muscle, hair and bones to their former youthful levels
  • Increase your energy and endurance levels immediately
  • Protect yourself from toxins
  • Speed up your metabolism to former highs
  • Restore your potency, libido and sexuality
  • Reduce your body fat and increase your lean body mass

Zialipro -- Non-Prescription Answer to Male Sexual Health
Zialipro™ is a non-prescription male sexual enhancement product made to pharmaceutical quality and standards. Zialipro™ is the natural male sexual enhancement pill with both immediate and long-term guaranteed results. It is results-oriented and you will begin to experience the benefits from day one. In fact, Zialipro™ comes in easy to go packets so you can always have a pack with you.

The Zialipro™ Difference:

1) The herbs that make up Zialipro™ are grown by the top award winning growers in both the US, Brazil and China.These herbs are extremely expensive because of the extreme care that went into growing them. The difference is in the way it feels.

2) Zialipro™ uses strong extracts that make its ingredients much stronger than their normal strength. NOW: natural ingredients can provide noticeable immediate & long-term benefits.

The combination of using the best herbs money can buy, as well as the proprietary manufacturing extraction & concentration process, is what makes Zialipro(tm) so effective, fast-acting and safe.


NuPhedrine – Burn More Calories Every Day!
NuPhedrine® brings you the two most exciting weight loss ingredients in one non-prescription pill. Not only that - this is the only pill that brings you Patented Advantra-Z® in the 30% "Extra Strength" concentration combined with REAL Hoodia certified from the South African Government in the most potent form available, "20 X Strength."

Advantra-Z® is proven to boost the metabolism as effectively as ephedra/ma huang when used properly.  It does not increase heart rate and has no negative side effects on the cardiovascular or central nervous systems.  Advantra-Z® is Holds U.S. & Canadian Patents and is proven to:

  • Increase the metabolism to burn more calories per day even when resting.
  • The resting energy expenditure increases to approx 15% when taken with a meal – this alone can burn hundreds of more calories per day.
  • The "Thermic Response" (metabolizing of calories) to a meal is 4% greater. You will burn the calories you eat 4% faster

Try Nuphedrine to Burn More Calories Every Day, Stimulate Thermogenesis, Reduce Weight, Increase the Ratio of Lean Muscle, Improve Athletic Performance and Suppress Your Appetite….in conjunction with diet and exercise of course!


HoodiaP57® -- Pure Appetite Suppression and Nothing Else
What separates HoodiaP57™ from other products is that it is 20X Strength, 100% South African Hoodia...and nothing else!  There are no fillers, no stimulants, and no other ingredients what-so-ever.  If you are after pure appetite suppression – this is it.  Please Note that any person seeking to lose weight should always incorporate a healthy diet and some exercise in their regular routine. The availability of real South African Hoodia is actually quite limited in America and most of the companies selling "Hoodia" are actually using other cactus-like herbs that are grown in China, the U.S., or in Mexico because of the prohibitive cost to obtain the effective, "real deal." It is important to note that the Hoodia in HoodiaP57™ is concentrated 20 times and has a standardized guaranteed 20:1 ratio rating.  This rating refers to the drying ratio when the Hoodia plant is dried and milled. For every 20 lbs. of whole plant, you get 1 lb. of dried, milled plant material suitable for encapsulation.  If any hoodia product is going to kill your appetite – this is it because we are supplying you with nothing but the REAL DEAL.


Slim 10™ -- the First Diet Pill to Bring You 10 Patented Clinically Proven One Pill.
Slim 10™ is the first and only pill to combine these ten effective weight loss ingredients that have all been patented and clinically proven.  In addition to these ten unsurpassed ingredients, each serving of Slim 10™ contains 500mg of Real South African Hoodia concentrated 20 times for maximum potency.  This is scientifically advanced weight loss….and of course anyone intending to lose weight needs to incorporate a healthy diet and some regular exercise into their routine.  Slim 10’s revolutionary formula contains:

Advantra Z®, Super Citrimax®, Tonalin®, Phase 2®, 7-Keto®, NeOpuntia®, ForsLean®, Slimaluma®, ChromeMate® and CarniPure®. 

These ingredients are of the highest quality available and have been proven in clinical trials to produce results.  If you are going to lose weight with the help of weight loss ingredients, your chances with Slim 10® are as favorable as you can get.  We want you to have a no-lose situation in trying this advanced formula, so Slim 10™ comes with a 90-Day money back guarantee. If you don’t lose weight, we do not want your money.


TurboZymes® - Digestive Enzymes that Help You Digest Your Food More Optimally.
Do you find that you can't eat the spicy and/or rich foods that you once enjoyed without paying the price? Do you often feel tired after meals? Do you often get full and bloated? Do you need to lose weight?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above – TurboZymes™ can help you because these symptoms could be a direct result of poor digestion due to your system’s inadequate digestive enzyme supply.  This can be your solution for enhanced and superior digestion...

To properly digest your food, you need digestive enzymes. When you eat cooked and processed foods (which is the majority of most people’s diets), you are using up your natural supply of digestive enzymes. TurboZyme™ is an advanced digestive enzyme complex, capable of aiding in the digestion of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, fibers, and dairy products. TurboZyme™ helps give your body the extra enzymes it needs to digest your food more effectively so that you benefit from the absorption and assimilation of the nutrients, have more energy, feel lighter, and keep your entire body running more optimally...which can improve the way you feel each and every day.

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