"Last spring I decided that it was finally time to diet. My weight was at the point that it was affecting my health very badly. I had high cholesterol levels and every time I walked more than a few blocks I would get chest pains. I figured that the best thing for me would be an appetite suppressant, so I got Hoodia P57. Immediately I was feeling less hungry, and so far I have lost more than 50 pounds. Amazing, just from not wanting to eat, I am getting thin." - Kristy


"I've been overweight my entire life. I was a chubby baby, a fat kid, an overweight adolescent and suddenly a heavy adult. I looked 30 when I was 20. And it isn't that I didn't try to diet. My pediatrician tried to help, my mother was a constant source of stress, forcing different diet products on me and monitoring my daily caloric intake. That never stopped me. I snuck food when I could. As I grew up I tried pills from the drugstore, nothing worked. I was always hungry and umotivated. All that is behind me now. I am here to report that Slim 10 is the first diet pill that has actually worked. I should know; I have tried them all. With Slim 10 I'm just not hungry. I eat for fuel, and when I'm through I go out and live my life. I exercise, I date, I work. I'm happy. I've lost more than 50 pounds and now I maintain a healthy size 8 with the help of this awesome product. God Bless you!"  -- Connie

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